TB Modeling and Translational Epi Group

Who We Are

The TB Modeling and Translational Epidemiology Group at Johns Hopkins is an interdisciplinary group of faculty, fellows, and students with an interest in studying TB and TB/HIV from a "big picture" perspective. Areas of expertise in our group include dynamic/mechanistic modeling, economic evaluation, field epidemiology, implementation science, diagnosis and case finding, TB coinfections (especially HIV), and mechanisms of drug resistance. We strive to maintain an open and collaborative environment and welcome anyone who is interested to join our discussions!

We are looking for one or more post-doctoral fellows to join our team of infectious disease modelers; please see the attached information sheet.

Group Philosophy

Breadth of Experience: To answer the most important questions, a multi-faceted approach is necessary. We therefore strive to maintain a diversity of expertise, including a strong grounding in empirical data collection, deep understanding of the epidemiology of TB, and high-quality use of tools (such as epidemic modeling and economic evaluation) that are necessary to translate data into effective decisions at the policy level.

Quality of Work: High-quality decisions can only be made if supported by high-quality data and analysis. We pride ourselves on conducting work of a high technical and conceptual caliber, and in communicating that work in a way that is understandable and useful. We seek to understand the epidemiology of TB to the deepest extent possible, and to use that understanding to deliver results and make policy recommendations capable of improving the TB response worldwide.

Collegiality: We see ourselves as part of a global community that seeks to eliminate TB as a threat to human health. We therefore welcome anyone to be part of our group, and pledge to make our data and results as open and transparent as possible (including open-source distribution of all published code). Our meetings are always informal, and we strive to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and part of a larger team.